Month: August 2017

Seaton beds to close next week – shame on East Devon Conservative leaders who have helped this to happen

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Adel Jones of the Royal Devon and Exeter trust, who run our community hospitals, has told the members of Devon's Health Scrutiny Committee that Seaton and Okehampton will lose their beds next week, and Honiton the week after. Shame on Sara Randall Johnson, Chair of the Scrutiny Committee, Paul Diviani, leader of EDDC, and other Conservative councillors who have helped this to happen.

Seaton’s exciting Seafront Enhancement Scheme finally gets planning permission

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EDDC’s Development Management Committee today finally approved the plans for Seafront Enhancement which have been developed by consultants Architectural Thread, working for Seaton Town Council, after three rounds of public consultation. Now we only need to get them built! If EDDC gets its act together, the first phase centred on the Moridunum could begin in conjunction with the re-development of Fosseway Court, this autumn, leaving the Town Council to look for funding for the second phase including Fisherman’s Gap.

Bid for County support for X52 bus service fails

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Councillor Roger Croad, the County Cabinet Member for Transportation, has told me that they won’t subsidise the peak services on the X52 route, because the number of ‘unique’ passengers who couldn’t use another service – people going from Beer to Exeter and from Seaton to the RD&E – is too small to justify this. So the service will contract to two off-peak buses a day in each direction from 2nd September. If you value those, remember to use them!
I think it’s shortsighted to push travellers from our area into Exeter into cars when the city is increasingly clogged up – it was completely gridlocked for hours one day last week.