Red faces at County Council as Leader’s reply shows someone doesn’t know what a no-deal Brexit means

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At yesterday’s Council I asked what preparations Devon had made for the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal on 29 March 2019. The written answer provided talked about would happen at the end of a ‘transition period’ in December 2020. It was obvious that whoever wrote the reply didn’t realise that without a deal, there will be no transition period! The Leader, Cllr John Hart, in whose name this reply went, did make it clear when I challenged him that he understood the risks. But the fact remains that the County Council, which is the emergency planning authority, has made no significant preparations for a potentially serious disaster – caused by the policies being pursued by the Conservative government.

One thought on “Red faces at County Council as Leader’s reply shows someone doesn’t know what a no-deal Brexit means

    […] Kent County Council, which has a huge Tory majority, yesterday published an alarming report on the consequences of a no-deal Brexit for its county. At Devon County Council however, the Conservatives ganged up to prevent my urgent motion (below) being discussed. Despite impassioned and reasoned speeches from Devon for Europe supporters in the public session, Tory councillors voted to block a debate, meaning that the motion will not come back to the Council until February – by which time it will be too late. They also voted not to record votes on the procedural motion, so that no one would know for certain that they had voted to prevent debate. I had support from Labour, Lib Dem, Independent and Green councillors. Devon, of course, has no serious plans for no-deal, and at the last Council, showed that it didn’t even understand how it might arise. […]


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