Tory by-election candidate uses hospital her party took the beds out of for photo-opportunity

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Conservative by-election candidate Helen Hurford – who has yet to comment publicly on anything, including Boris Johnson’s future – is pictured outside Seaton Hospital under the heading ‘Supporting Our Local NHS’ in her latest leaflet.

This is the hospital from which the beds were removed in 2017 after

  • chronic Tory underfunding forced the Devon NHS to close community hospital beds;
  • Tory pressure to save the threatened Tory MP in Sidmouth led the NHS to change its plans to close Seaton’s beds instead;
  • Conservative councillors on the Health Scrutiny Committee blocked our move to refer the closures for further consideration.

Please remember this when you vote on June 23rd. Far from ‘securing more nurses for our area’, Conservative underfunding and lack of support for nursing means that local hospitals are chronically understaffed. The NHS probably couldn’t find the nurses to re-open the Seaton Hospital ward if they wanted to.

One thought on “Tory by-election candidate uses hospital her party took the beds out of for photo-opportunity

    Tony Morris said:
    June 6, 2022 at 7:51 am

    Conservative under funding has affected many services and seen proper fire engines removed across Devon & Somerset, either permanently, or to be replaced with less capable second and even third rate vehicles. This puts the lives of the public and firefighters at risk. Conservative under funding also left the UK less able to respond effectively to the pandemic, despite this remaining as the worst threat on the Government’s national risk register for nearly 15 years. When the pandemic struck the Conservatives mishandled the response, which caused many avoidable deaths and damaged the economy for years to come. This self serving Conservative Government has shown that protecting the public is not their priority. It is time for the public to show them that is unacceptable.


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