Colyton Health Centre maintenance charges problem is widespread since NHS Property Services took over, according to GP Online

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imagesSeaton and Colyton Medical Practice are not alone in experiencing savagely increased maintenance charges at Colyton Health Centre (pictured).

GP Online reported in January: ‘GP leaders have been warning since 2016 that huge extra costs imposed through service charge hikes could force practices to close if they were not reversed.

‘GPC premises lead Dr Krishna Kasaraneni told GPonline: “In recent years, GPs leasing their surgery buildings from NHSPS have been hit by rocketing service charges and maintenance fees, forcing many practices into financial difficulties, and ultimately leading some to consider their viability and whether they can continue to offer the same care to patients in future.


The article also reveals that bosses earned five-figure bonuses … on top of five-figure salaries! Dr Kasaraneni added: ‘”At a time when the NHS is under so much financial pressure and NHSPS publicly blames these same practices for its £40.9m deficit, it adds insult to injury to learn it has paid its top executives such sky-high bonuses.”‘

Seaton Town Council joins the fight for Colyton Fire Station

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The Town Council has told the Fire Service: ‘Seaton Town Council wishes to express its alarm about the way in which the ‘Safer Together’ proposals will affect the town. As your own documents show, the 8,500 people in Seaton will be among over 600,000 who will experience greater risk to their lives as a result of the proposals. The closure of Colyton Fire Station will remove the second engine for property fires in Seaton, which will mean that NO second engine will be available reach Seaton within the 13 minute required response time. Even more seriously, in the minority of cases where the Seaton engine cannot be launched in time, the closure of Colyton will mean that no engine will be able to reach Seaton in much under 20 minutes. This represents a completely unacceptable increase in risk to the residents of Seaton, and the Town Council urges the Fire Authority to withdraw all proposals which involve the closure of Colyton Fire Station.’

Helping teenagers to learn to eat and cook healthily – new funding for Seaton sessions

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I’ve committed money from my Locality Budget to support the local charity, Health and Local Food for Families (HALFF), run cooking sessions for Seaton Library’s teenage drop-in group. The aim is to help young people to learn to cook good healthy meals, to help with their self-sufficiency and health in later life. It all fits well with the aims of Seaton Area Health Matters. HALFF’s shop in South Street, Axminster, is pictured.

Fire Services aren’t supposed to cause ‘fire sales’, but ours aims to cash in the property value of Colyton and other stations in return for a vague promise of ‘more prevention’ – read my 21-point response to the consultation

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YOU NOW HAVE ONLY UNTIL SUNDAY (22nd) to submit your response – send to Safertogetherprogramme@dsfire.gov.uk or go online at https://www.dsfire.gov.uk/SaferTogether/ (but be warned that all 7 options include closing the 8 stations including Colyton).

Claire Wright poised to become East Devon MP, as Hugo Swire gives up the fight

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Claire WrightConservative MP for East Devon, Hugo Swire, has announced he will stand down at the forthcoming General Election, in the face of what independent experts see as the strong likelihood that Claire Wright will win the seat from the Tories.

Claire says: “Party Politics is in turmoil. I stand ready to take on the issues that matter to people here in Devon East of health services straining to cope, underfunded schools and the irreparable damage to our environment under the watch of the current Conservative government which lurches from one crisis to another and has put narrow party political interest above the needs of local people.”

NB Seaton and Colyton are not, unfortunately, part of the East Devon constituency. We are in Tiverton and Honiton, of course, and we wait to see what challenges our current MP Neil Parish will face in the election.