Month: January 2017

Exeter & SW depend on EU trade

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Exeter is the city in the UK, and the South West the region, most dependent on trade with the EU, according to a new report. We already risk losing European tourism, which benefits Seaton and other coastal towns.

We should not be losing our membership of the European Single Market (which was not what we voted on in the referendum) for the nebulous prospect of a trade deal with Donald Trump, who believes trade deals should be skewed to the US, not the other party.

Once again confirmed, Devon is ‘unaffordable’

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Devon is one of the least affordable places in Britain for people who want to own their own homes, according to a new report.

Seaton Primary faces £34k cut

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img_9530-1220x640I have now seen figures (sent to schools as part of the consultation) which show the losses local schools would have taken if the new National Funding Formula had been implemented in 2016-17:

  • SEATON PRIMARY SCHOOL (right) £34,000 (-2.7% of total allocation)
  • COLYTON GRAMMAR SCHOOL £81,000 (-2.9%)

Axe Valley Community College funding would have been almost the same as existing (+0.1%), and Colyton Primary School would have seen a small (+0.7%) rise.

As Independent County Councillor Claire Wright said, the new system is supposed to be ‘fairer’ – but many East Devon schools are losing out! We need to press our MP, Neil Parish, to ensure that local schools are protected from cuts when the new system finally comes in next year.

The Department for Education’s consultation documents can be found here