Month: August 2019

1000 rally in Exeter to oppose Johnson’s suppression of Parliament

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A fantastic turnout at 48 hours notice, and complete determination to fight for our democracy. Excellent speeches from Ben Bradshaw MP (Labour, Exeter), Dr Sarah Wollaston MP (Lib Dem, Totnes), and others.

New sign in Colyford shows cyclists to take the route through Seaton Wetlands, rather than continuing on dangerous Seaton Road

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Twenty-six months after I was first promised it, this sign is now in place. I hope it will make cycling from Seaton to Colyford a safer ride for visitors. Next stop, the completion of the cycle route through the Wetlands. The County Council has lodged a Compulsory Purchase Order to obtain land for the missing section.

New 40 limit aims on Seaton Down Hill aims to slow down traffic coming into Seaton, and reduce risks of collisions on A3052 at Tower junction

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The long-awaited change in speed limit has finally been implemented, in order to reduce the risks of cars entering Seaton at excessive speed – and to make the junction, where there has been a series of minor collisions, safer.

The changes, paid for by my Locality Budget and Seaton Town Council after a long campaign by the Speed Watch team, will be followed by police education activities in September, and then enforcement. Please observe!

Fire Authority refuses to face public scrutiny of its station closures by County Council committee: I’ve asked the Chair to invite firefighters from the threatened Devon stations to give evidence instead

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Fire Service consultation
PRESS RELEASE (20 August 2019)
The Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service is currently consulting on proposals to close 8 rural fire stations. The County Council’s Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services Scrutiny Committee decided on 25th June to place the station closures on the agenda for its meeting on 26th September, and to invite the Fire Service to attend and present their case.
I learnt today that the Service has refused the invitation to attend the Scrutiny Committee, which is held in public, webcast and offers an opportunity for public participation. Instead they are offering a ‘masterclass’ on the proposals for county councillors, in private, which is scheduled for 4th September.
As a member of the Committee and County Councillor for Seaton and Colyton, representing the town of Colyton where one of the threatened stations is located – together with  surrounding densely rural parishes which rely on the prompt response of its firefighters – I am outraged by the refusal of the Fire Authority to face public scrutiny of its proposals and answer the objections of local communities and their elected representatives.
I have therefore asked Cllr Alistair Dewhirst, Chair of the Committee, to invite other interested parties (representatives of the threatened Devon fire stations and the Fire Brigades Union – Devon and Somerset) to present to the Committee instead, and for County officers to prepare a report to the committee on the proposals.
The Scrutiny Committee’s discussion of the proposals is the only opportunity which elected representatives will have to scrutinise them before the Fire Authority’s final decision which will be made on Bonfire Night, 5th November. (The Authority’s own meetings offer members of the public, including councillors, only the possibility to ask questions or present petitions, not to give their views directly.)
Martin Shaw, County Councillor for Seaton and Colyton

Former East Devon Conservative leader @CllrIanThomas endorses view that we have ‘a dangerous & incompetent Government’ – ‘the end of centre ground, One-Nation conservatism’ – when will other sensible local Tories follow him?

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ian-thomasReaders will recall that when the Conservative leader of EDDC, Ian Thomas, resigned from the party in April during the local election campaign, he refused to say why except that it was because of ‘national politics’.’

Today I noticed that Ian re-tweeted this comment by Dr Sarah Wollaston, MP for Totnes (who left the Conservative Party and recently joined the Lib Dems), on the shocking No Deal leaks:

‘Only a dangerous & incompetent Govt would knowingly & deliberately inflict this chaos on its people. This isn’t ‘worst case scenario’, it’s what Johnson knows will unfold & is completely at odds with his false reassurance to the public.’

Ian commented: ‘But that is sadly exactly what we have @sarahwollaston This is neither news nor exhaustive…’

Two days ago, he retweeted this comment: ‘Am I the only one sick of hearing “We have to respect the referendum result”? Such a cowardly thing to say. It conveniently conceals the fact it was a marginal and nationally divisive result on an ill-defined question won by a campaign of misinformation and illegality.’

Ian’s response: ‘No you’re not – I’m absolutely with you. Well put!’

Well done, Ian, for calling this out, although it would have had more impact if you’d done it in April.

However I’ve noticed that already in June, Ian was tweeting about ‘the end of centre ground, One-Nation conservatism, as @Conservatives lurch to the far right?’ The hashtag was #Horrified

When will other sensible local Conservatives, who pride themselves on representing their communities, leave the nasty, hard-right Farage party that Boris Johnson now leads? 

Do you, or a member of your family, rely on medicines to live safely? Sunday Times publishes Government papers which show Johnson is taking us to disaster. We must stop this – spread the word.

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ECO93JLWwAAG6Sn.jpgDo you, or a member of your family, rely on medicines to live safely? Does your job or business depend on fuel supplies working smoothly? Could you survive the recession which a No Deal will bring? Are you or a member of your family an EU citizen, or a UK citizen who lives in another EU country?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, tell your family and friends NOW about the disaster that Boris Johnson is prepared to inflict on us all. Tell our MP Neil Parish, who is supporting this lunacy, exactly what you think about it.

80-90 people in Seaton hear informative, inspiring talk on combating species extinction and climate change by EDDC Countryside officer James Chubb

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IMG_3110Wednesday’s talk was full of practical experience, sound judgement and ideas on how we can help address extinction and climate change, which I hope EDDC and the Town Council will take forward in their plans. That’s our wonderful Holyford Woods, an important part of the talk, in the map on the screen (sorry the picture’s a bit dark). Many thanks to Extinction Rebellion Seaton for organising this event!

‘The impact of climate change on East Devon’s wildlife’ – talk by James Chubb of EDDC Countryside Team, Wednesday, 7 pm, 1 Harepath Road, Seaton

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The Impact of Climate Change on East Devon Wildlife
On: 14th August 2019, at 7pm
At: Number One, Harepath Road, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2RP.
Seaton Extinction Rebellion invite you to this free talk and discussion with James Chubb, the East Devon Countryside Team Leader on ‘The Impact of Climate Change on East Devon Wildlife’.
James has been tweeting that this talk ‘will not be for the faint hearted.’
There will be the chance to ask James questions, as well as to chat to members of Extinction Rebellion. Refreshments will be available after the talk.