This is the local politics website of Martin Shaw. I was the Independent East Devon Alliance county councillor for the Seaton & Colyton division from 2017, narrowly losing my seat in the 2021 election as this display shows:

I was originally elected on 4th May 2017, when the result was:

Martin Shaw (Independent East Devon Alliance) 1826 (38%)
Helen Parr (Conservative) 1784 (37.1%)
Peter Burrows (Liberal Democrat) 524 (10.9%)
Jim Knight (Independent) 441 (9.2%)
Ian Martin (Labour) 222 (4.6%)

My background 

I am married with four children and two grandchildren, and moved to Seaton when I retired as a professor of international relations and my wife from NHS cancer care in Sussex. 

Political career in Devon

In 2015 I polled over 1000 votes as an Independent East Devon Alliance candidate for EDDC. I joined Seaton Town Council and helped develop its Seafront Enhancement Scheme. As Chair of Seaton’s Planning Committee, I worked with local residents to protect the green wedge between Seaton and Colyford. In 2016-17, I took a leading role in defending the beds in Seaton Hospital and from 2020-21 I was a member of Devon’s Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee, working for the best in the local NHS.


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