This is the website of Martin Shaw, Independent East Devon Alliance county councillor for the Seaton & Colyton division, and candidate for re-election in 2021. Two other Independent EDA candidates are standing, Paul Hayward in Axminster and Louise MacAllister in Sidmouth.

EDA has 13 councillors on EDDC, and together with Liberal Democrats, Greens and Progressive Independents formed the first genuinely non-Conservative administration on the Council, in 2020.

All posts are in a personal capacity unless otherwise stated.

Seaton and Colyton  includes Beer, Branscombe, Colyford, Farway, Northleigh, Offwell, Southleigh and Wilmington.

I was elected on 4th May 2017, when the result was:

Martin Shaw (Independent East Devon Alliance) 1826 (38%)
Helen Parr (Conservative) 1784 (37.1%)
Peter Burrows (Liberal Democrat) 524 (10.9%)
Jim Knight (Independent) 441 (9.2%)
Ian Martin (Labour) 222 (4.6%)

My background 

I am married with four children and two grandchildren, and moved to Seaton when I retired as a professor of international relations and my wife from NHS cancer care in Sussex. In 2015 I polled over 1000 votes as an Independent East Devon Alliance candidate for EDDC. I joined Seaton Town Council and helped develop its Seafront Enhancement Scheme. As Chair of Seaton’s Planning Committee, I worked with local residents to protect the green wedge between Seaton and Colyford. In 2016-17, I took a leading role in defending the beds in Seaton Hospital and since 2020 I have been a member of Devon’s Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee, working for the best in the local NHS.


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