Month: April 2018

My message of support to the legal team who are fighting the dismantling of the NHS in a crucial case in Leeds Crown Court tomorrow #Justice4NHS

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Tomorrow, the crowdfunded legal case brought by 999 Call for the NHS to stop US-style ‘Accountable Care Organisation’ (ACO) contracts being introduced into the NHS will be heard in Leeds Crown Court. Supporters from all over the country are gathering in Leeds and I’ve sent them this message:
‘On behalf of the councillors and activists who are campaigning against the Integrated Care System in Devon, I send best wishes to our legal team and everyone who is campaigning to keep a universal, comprehensive and fully public National Health Service.
‘Following our opposition, the Devon STP has given up the idea of Accountable Care Organisations for the time being. We believe that this legal case has already played a key role in slowing down the moves by the Conservative Government and NHS England to place our health service in the ACO straightjacket. We now look forward to a legal victory which will turn the tide against the dismantling and privatisation of the NHS.’ 

New local, chemical-free food cooperative coming to East Devon soon – launches online survey of local residents’ opinions, please complete

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In My Back Yard is a new East Devon food cooperative, a group of local, chemical-free food producers based in Branscombe. They say:
‘We’re aiming to provide a service offering the local area more choice, more convenience and more reliability, so you can enjoy delicious produce from East Devon and neighbouring counties, with regular availability every week. How the co-operative grows can be helped by you and your feedback here today. More information will be available as we continue to bring together resources and services. We appreciate your opinion as local residents, so we’d be very grateful if you’d complete this quick survey.’   

I’d like to urge every reader of Seaton and Colyton Matters to complete the survey – thank you! If you know someone who isn’t online who’d like to print off and post the survey back, here is a printable form: In My Back Yard – market research survey April.

Is this what they call a consultation? ‘Your feedback: Please provide more stops at Clapham Junction not less. South Western Railway response: we will continue with our original plans to reduce services in the peak and shoulder peak periods.’

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But they have made a small concession: ‘We are amending the plans to ensure both Clapham Junction and Woking calls are maintained in off-peak West of England services.’ West of England line.