Government cuts funding, Council tax rises

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claireIndependent County Councillor, Claire Wright, comments: ‘Devon County Council is set to increase council tax by two per cent this year, as it tries to manage yet another massive funding cut from central government of £28m.

‘I loathe the idea of raising council tax in such hard times, however, I am putting the blame squarely at the government’s door for this.

‘The revenue expected to be raised from the council tax rise of 2 per cent, is a drop in the ocean compared to the cuts for this year, which amount to £28m.

‘What we are now seeing is a situation where residents are paying more every year for ever decreasing services. And this will continue as the Conservatives continue to shrink the state.

‘Legal tax avoidance by big business costs the country tens of billions of pounds every year, but the government shows no signs of tackling this.  Why not?’

Here’s the official press release –

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