Pendeen, round 3

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A proposal by the developer to move the position of his proposed block of flats at Pendeen, Castle Hill, in a way which would have made it worse for neighbours, was unanimously defeated at East Devon’s Development Management Committee today. Karen Curnock spoke ably for herself and her neighbour, I was able to point out the inconsistency of DMC’s past decisions, and Jim Knight strongly opposed the variation of the planning approval. It’s a pity Peter Burrows, Seaton’s member on DMC, wasn’t there, and the refusal had to be moved by Ben Ingham, Lympstone councillor and Independent leader.

The bizarre aspect of the debate was that the applicant applied to vary the permission in order to allow the possibility of a short section of footpath, which the Highways Agency agreed was not practical – and the planners said should be disregarded in the making of the decision.

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