Does Neil Parish know which side he’s on?

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Neil Parish photoAt the 2015 election hustings in Seaton, MP Neil Parish enthusiastically supported holding the Brexit referendum.

When Cameron announced the vote, however, he was for Remain, although neither he nor the local Conservatives did much obvious campaigning.

After the vote, Parish backed Boris Johnson, the chief Leaver, for the Tory leadership.

When Michael Gove forced Johnson out, Parish plumped for another Leaver, Andrea Leadsom (the one who robotically repeated ‘We need to take control’ in the TV debates).

Does it even matter to Parish whether we’re in or out of the EU?

One thought on “Does Neil Parish know which side he’s on?

    lifescaper said:
    July 3, 2016 at 6:42 pm

    No, of course it doesn’t matter to him whether we are in or out. He’s only interested in staying ‘in’ with whoever looks like leading the Tories. I don’t think he gives a toffee apple about the country – just himself. Like Boris Johnson, Neil Parish is an opportunist.


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