Together we must overturn the CCG decision

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seaton_hospitalThe decision by the CCG to remove in-patient beds from Seaton Hospital is shocking. They have issued a press release with the Orwellian heading, ‘Public consultation influences doctors’ decision on Your Future Care’: many of the CCG governing body are not doctors and their own consultation results showed a huge preference for the option including Seaton.

The only reasons given are that Sidmouth has a larger population and (therefore) more elderly people than Seaton. But everyone knew those facts before this hugely expensive and now disregarded consultation was launched. And since Seaton serves the whole Axe Valley, the population of our catchment area is greater than that of Sidmouth. All the community beds will now be in the west of the district.

Cllr Peter Burrows says Seaton’s beds are ‘gone’ – but this is not the end of the story. No date has been given for implementation. Meanwhile the whole Seaton community must fight this decision. We must demand that Dr Tim Burke, head of the CCG, and his colleagues come and explain their choice to a public meeting in the Town Hall. The Town Council must explore all possible avenues for formal review (discussions are happening about when we will discuss the decision). Together we must make them keep Seaton’s beds.

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