Nurses say that Honiton beds closure already beginning

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Time is of the essence. This report comes from Honiton and is on the “Save Our Hospital Services” Facebook page (reproduced via

“Last night the steering group for Honiton met for our weekly catch up in the Star in Honiton and invited the nurses from the hospital to join us after for a drink and chat to find out how they were and what news that they had.

“After a few tears, they proceeded to tell us that last week, someone from the CCG along with other people turned up and started to measure the areas in the ward that they want to have boarded up when the ward closes. They did this in full view of the nurses and staff as well as the patients (the ward is full at present with mostly medical cases, not bed blockers).

“They also told us that so far not one nurse has been spoken to regarding retraining, change of job, what happens when they close the ward etc.

“There has been no mention of the maternity unit that depends on the ward nurses during the night.


“We feel that after 1st April it will do no good to have street parties, red lines or whatever. We have to continually and totally bombard our MP’s, Councillors (sorry for those already on this list) the well being and scrutiny committee and anyone else that will listen who might have some say.”

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