X52 Jurassic Coaster bus service – use it or lose it!

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jurassic-coaster-appIt is uncertain whether this service, currently 5 times a day from Colyford, Seaton and Beer to Exeter and westwards to Lyme Regis, will continue after 2nd September – and if it does, it may be further reduced to 5 instead of 6 days a week and from 5 to 4 return daily journeys, possibly losing the early morning journey to Exeter.

First Wessex, who run the service, are currently tendering for a new service with the County Council. I will be discussing this issue with the bus company and the County Council. If you have concerns about the loss or reduction of this service, please write to Simon Newport (simon.newport@firstgroup.com) and me (cllrmartinshaw@gmail.com), letting us know how changes will affect your lives. David Morgan, the indefatigable Seaton campaigner who has alerted me and the Town Council to the issues, has suggested a loop to Colyton – would you use that? In the meanwhile, consider the X52 as an alternative to the car!

One thought on “X52 Jurassic Coaster bus service – use it or lose it!

    Veronica Bennett said:
    July 6, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    X52 is no longer much use. I used to use it for visits to Exeter but it now arrives too late for some hospital appointments so am forced to drive to Axminster and then take the train to Exeter. Not everybody can drive and a bus service is a lifeline. With the closure of beds in local hospitals, a reliable local bus service is a necessity not a luxury.


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