One thought on “Government refuses to provide information to SW Green MEP on effects of Brexit on NHS, agriculture etc.

    Paul F said:
    August 22, 2017 at 10:26 am

    Oh, come on Martin! Why on earth should we expect the government to share information with the opposition that could be used against them?

    That sort of thing only happens in other countries with regimes that people consider democratic, where policy proposals are actually published (rather than kept secret), with supporting information made available so people can judge for themselves whether the policies are a good idea and where they are then publicly debated to ensure that they are robust and to see what the best option is.

    And after all, the Conservatives have access to all the information, so their policies surely must be what is best for the voters (rather than themselves and their sponsors)? And if this is the case, why should any else need access to that information.

    That sort of populist approach, where they stupidly believe that the people should have information and a say in what happens, and where governments can be held to account for their decisions because the information is available to do so, is an anathema to the new British culture where we (apparently) believe in the absolute right for a single party (and copycats) to rule in perpetuity as a de-facto autocracy.

    So, please Martin, can you desist from making any more of these anti-establishment posts that are simply trying to delude people into thinking that democracy is a better political system than autocracy.


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