Seaton Town Council keeps precept (almost) on hold

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This is old news now, but in the absence of the View From, readers may not have picked up that, on my proposal, the Town Council decided in January to hold its precept to an increase of 0.58 per cent, well under the rate of inflation (3 per cent).

Council Tax will still go up substantially, however, with big increases expected from DCC, EDDC and the Police and Crime Commissioner, reflecting yet more large cuts in Government funding which are stripping services to the bone.

One thought on “Seaton Town Council keeps precept (almost) on hold

    AndyB said:
    February 9, 2018 at 12:08 am

    If savings are needing to be made why not cut the salaries of all senior council execs by 30% across the board then performance manage the rest to root out the dead wood and get rid of them. I know of one person in EDDC Housing Dept. who you wouldn’t even notice was gone. Put the money saved to much better use. Then monitor the ones left and get them working efficiently doing normal shifts. There’s no reason for council staff, of any grade, not to work shifts and weekends like everybody else has to.


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