Devon County Council Cabinet to discuss @HighwaysEngland’s delays in introducing crossings on the A35 in Wilmington, where people have to cope with narrow or no pavements and 1000 lorries a day

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At the County Council on Thursday, my motion calling on Highways England to devote more resources to urgently address the need for remedial measures on the A35 in Wilmington – the worst situation of any community in East Devon, in my opinion – was remitted to the Cabinet where it will be considered on 13 June. Dr Philip Webber of the A35 Action Group told the Council of the conditions Wilmington people face and the new chair of the Council, Cllr Caroline Chugg, exceptionally allowed me to speak on the matter before it was referred to Cabinet. Cllr Claire Wright seconded the motion and Cllr Sarah Randall Johnson, formerly Wilmington’s councillor who now sits for another area, offered me her support.

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