Why people who supported the Independents in the local elections should vote for a pro-European party in the European elections – a personal view /2

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Union and EU flagsAfter the local elections, East Devon voters now face another vote, for the European Parliament. Many will not vote – but that would be a mistake, as this is an opportunity to have a say. Some people who supported the Independents in the local elections may vote for the Brexit Party. I’ve explained why I think that’s wrong in my first post. But is there a positive case for Independent supporters to vote for a pro-European party?

My personal view is yes. The same Tory complacent self-entitlement, cosy relationships with business interests, indifference to community needs and even plain corruption – which we have swept away in EDDC – exist at a national level. It is not the EU which has part-privatised our NHS, closed our community hospitals and underfunded our schools, but the same Conservative Government.

Independents have tried to present practical solutions to local problems. Leaving the EU is not a practical solution to any of our problems. The £4 billion which Theresa May has wasted on No Deal Brexit preparations is £4 billion NOT going to our hospitals and schools. The 5,000 nurses from EU who have left our NHS are 5,000 nurses not looking after vulnerable members of our communities. The EU laws which protect our environment, consumer standards and working rights are at risk from any right-wing government which wants to allow standards to lapse. (Ask Nigel Farage why he proposed replacing the NHS by private health insurance.)

Brexit has made Britain’s problems worse. Remember how nice it was at Easter when for a fortnight we didn’t have to talk about Brexit? If we don’t stop it now, we face interminable years of Brexit, Brexit, Brexit. Will that really help with any of our real problems?

Brexit has FAILED. Voting for a pro-European party will make it clear the country recognises that. It will put pressure on MPs to put Britain out of its Brexit misery. Let’s do that on May 23rd.

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