Fire Service consultation now open – please take part and explain why you want to keep Colyton Fire Station open

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Fire Service consultation

The Fire Authority is now proceeding with their consultation. It is vital that everyone in the Coly Valley and Seaton areas takes part to support Colyton Fire Station, or we will lose not only the extra engine that Colyton provides, but also the team of trained firefighters, who provide an extra resource for the whole area.

The Authority say that they want a ‘meaningful and transparent consultation process’. However there is no serious risk assessment of the individual stations and their areas, just a simplistic one-year infographic.

Moreover ALL the options include closing Colyton and other fire stations. Why is there no option to keep the stations open? How can the consultation be meaningful if this is not available?

The reasons the Authority give for closures are actually reasons for keeping Colyton open:

  1. Shifting population – Colyton and the surrounding area are experiencing continual population growth with many new developments.
  2. High proportion of over-85s – Colyton and the surrounding area have one of the highest ratios of older people not just in Devon and Somerset, but in the country.
  3. Changing road networks making it easier to get to incidents – this does not apply to Colyton and surrounding villages which are served by a dense network of rural roads – local knowledge is essential to reach incidents speedily.

You have until 22nd September to respond – but please fill in the questionnaire NOW! Don’t support any of the options – keep Colyton Fire Station!

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