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Former East Devon Conservative leader @CllrIanThomas endorses view that we have ‘a dangerous & incompetent Government’ – ‘the end of centre ground, One-Nation conservatism’ – when will other sensible local Tories follow him?

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ian-thomasReaders will recall that when the Conservative leader of EDDC, Ian Thomas, resigned from the party in April during the local election campaign, he refused to say why except that it was because of ‘national politics’.’

Today I noticed that Ian re-tweeted this comment by Dr Sarah Wollaston, MP for Totnes (who left the Conservative Party and recently joined the Lib Dems), on the shocking No Deal leaks:

‘Only a dangerous & incompetent Govt would knowingly & deliberately inflict this chaos on its people. This isn’t ‘worst case scenario’, it’s what Johnson knows will unfold & is completely at odds with his false reassurance to the public.’

Ian commented: ‘But that is sadly exactly what we have @sarahwollaston This is neither news nor exhaustive…’

Two days ago, he retweeted this comment: ‘Am I the only one sick of hearing “We have to respect the referendum result”? Such a cowardly thing to say. It conveniently conceals the fact it was a marginal and nationally divisive result on an ill-defined question won by a campaign of misinformation and illegality.’

Ian’s response: ‘No you’re not – I’m absolutely with you. Well put!’

Well done, Ian, for calling this out, although it would have had more impact if you’d done it in April.

However I’ve noticed that already in June, Ian was tweeting about ‘the end of centre ground, One-Nation conservatism, as @Conservatives lurch to the far right?’ The hashtag was #Horrified

When will other sensible local Conservatives, who pride themselves on representing their communities, leave the nasty, hard-right Farage party that Boris Johnson now leads? 

@CllrIanThomas, leader of East Devon District Council, has left the Conservative Party, which is falling apart locally as well as nationally. There is a historic opportunity next Thursday to end 45 years of one-party rule in East Devon.

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Ian Thomas (photo: DevonLive)

Councillor Ian Thomas, Conservative leader of East Devon District Council, has announced that he has left the Conservative Party, citing ‘national issues’.

It is now clear that the Conservatives are falling apart locally as well as nationally. This shows that there is a historic opportunity to end 45 years of one-party rule in East Devon in next Thursday’s elections. Everyone should vote for Independent candidates who have the best chance of ousting the Tories in most cases.

There is real chance that East Devon Alliance and their fellow-Independents could have the chance to head an alternative administration in a week’s time. Over now to the voters – turn out on Thursday and give us the chance.