Seaton Town Council joins the fight for Colyton Fire Station

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The Town Council has told the Fire Service: ‘Seaton Town Council wishes to express its alarm about the way in which the ‘Safer Together’ proposals will affect the town. As your own documents show, the 8,500 people in Seaton will be among over 600,000 who will experience greater risk to their lives as a result of the proposals. The closure of Colyton Fire Station will remove the second engine for property fires in Seaton, which will mean that NO second engine will be available reach Seaton within the 13 minute required response time. Even more seriously, in the minority of cases where the Seaton engine cannot be launched in time, the closure of Colyton will mean that no engine will be able to reach Seaton in much under 20 minutes. This represents a completely unacceptable increase in risk to the residents of Seaton, and the Town Council urges the Fire Authority to withdraw all proposals which involve the closure of Colyton Fire Station.’

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