No one who cares can vote for Boris Johnson – vote for change

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Claire Wright

When you make up your mind how to vote in this election, remember what Johnson’s own chief adviser Dominic Cummings famously said  “People think, and by the way I think most people are right: ‘The Tory party is run by people who basically don’t care about people like me.’” 

Johnson doesn’t believe in Brexit – he believes in himself.  He doesn’t care enough about his withdrawal bill to even bother to get it through parliament, even after parliament had indicated it would support it. He didn’t care about wasting £8 billion, yes £8 billion, on an irresponsible threat to carry out ‘no deal’. He’s been caught lying so many times, people have stopped counting.

Johnson certainly doesn’t care about the NHS. He’s pretending to spend on hospitals – but it’s not 40 new hospitals, it’s 6 refurbished hospitals, and it will do nothing at all for the RD&E, where people are waiting a year for operations, or our community hospitals, still half empty after being stripped of the beds – while the RD&E has a ‘severe beds shortage’, I was told this month.

Johnson doesn’t care about schools, the police, or the environment, either. He doesn’t care about any of the things which matter to us. So we shouldn’t give him or his party the time of day. After 9 years the Tories have made a truly awful mess of this country.

Vote for change. Vote tactically for whichever candidate is likely to defeat the Johnson candidate. In Totnes, that is Sarah Wollaston, the Lib Dem. In Exeter, it’s Labour’s Ben Bradshaw. And in East Devon, it’s my Independent colleague Claire Wright (pictured) who is poised to take the seat after Hugo Swire’s welcome departure.

WHO TO VOTE FOR IN OUR CONSTITUENCY (Tiverton and Honiton)? Neil Parish, who will again be the Conservative candidate, has slavishly followed each new Tory leader’s twists and turns, including now Johnson’s. But there isn’t a clear tactical choice to beat him. Labour and the Greens haven’t even chosen candidates, so far as I can tell. The Lib Dems have, and he sounds good, but I haven’t yet met him. I’m waiting to know more, before deciding who to vote for.

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