Devastating results, but not ‘irrefutable’ support for Johnson’s policies on Brexit or anything else: the majority voted against him

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The election results are devastating for hopes of change both nationally and in East Devon, where Claire Wright (above) was defeated despite gaining nearly 26,000 votes. Yet Johnson’s victory is not based on winning a majority of voters (the Tories won 43.6 per cent of the vote) nor is it ‘irrefutable evidence’ of the will of the British people for his Brexit. On the contrary, 16.7 million people (51.8 per cent) voted for parties which support a 2nd referendum, and only 14.7 million (46.4 per cent) for parties which support Johnson’s ‘deal’.

The explanations for these discrepancies are our disproportional electoral system and the uselessness of the leaders of the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green parties (and the ex-Tory Independents) who failed to unite sufficiently either in the last Parliament or for the election. I’m pleased that Swinson has gone and Corbyn is also on his way out.

We are now stuck with a Johnson ‘elective dictatorship’ for 5 years. If you have to wait too long for NHS treatment, if your fire station is closed or your children’s school academised against your wishes, you will know who to blame (and that will include yourself if you voted Tory). You are going to need opposition politicians, especially Independents, more than ever.

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