Claire Wright achieved the best result for an Independent anywhere in the UK, far better than the former Conservative and Labour MPs who stood as Independents

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Candidate Constituency Original party Vote % % behind winner
Claire Wright East Devon n/a 40.4 10.4
Dominic Grieve Beaconsfield Conservative 29 27.1
Jason Zadrozny Ashfield n/a 27.6 11.7
David Gauke SW Herts Conservative 26 23.6
Frank Field Birkenhead Labour 17.2 41.8
Gavin Shuker Luton South Labour 9.2 42.6
Anna Soubry Broxtowe Conservative 8.4 39.7
Anne Milton Guildford Conservative 7.4 37.5
Mike Gapes Ilford North Labour 7.3 56.3
Chris Leslie Nottingham East Labour 3.6 60.7

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