As many are shocked at deaths among younger people, why did the Government persistently tell us that the ‘over-70s’ were the ‘vulnerable group’?

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Dr David Hepburn tells C4 News (3 April) ‘all our ICU patients are in their 50s or younger’

In a post on my academic site, I examine the Government papers. I show that the Chinese data was clear, 6 weeks ago, that HALF of all deaths occurred among the UNDER-70s. There were as many deaths among people in their 60s as in their 70s, and a large number among people in their 50s, as well as younger. A THIRD of victims had no serious prior condition.

Why, then, did the Government persist in saying that over-70s and people with conditions were the ‘vulnerable group’? Did this encourage the belief among middle-aged and young people that they would just get a bit of a cough? Is this why it was difficult to get social distancing in the middle of March?

It appears that the Government and its scientific advisers did not properly digest the lessons of China. There are many questions to answer for a future public enquiry. And meanwhile, many younger as well as older people will pay the ultimate price.

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