Three charts that show gradually rising risks of Covid-19, from 40 to 80+

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Three excellent charts in Prospect magazine, based on the largest study yet of patients in UK hospitals, show the ‘rocketing risk by age’ of death in a hospital setting. If the risk of death in care homes and at home had been included, the risk to the oldest groups would be much larger still.

Although the risks to the oldest are the most striking, the substantial increases in risk in all decades over 40 is worth remarking: 40-49 are 5x as likely to die as under-40s; 50-59 are 20x more likely; 60-69 are 30x; 70-79 are 50x.

However it’s worth looking at the reduced risks for people without serious underlying conditions: ‘only’ 14x greater than the under-40s for the 50-59 group, 20x for 60-69, and 30x for 70-79. The most serious risks from underlying conditions are shown at the bottom: diabetes, obesity, stroke, dementia, cancer, heart disease (asthma is also significant, but not shown).

Covid age risks3-12-1

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