Resignations from Seaton Town Council

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45494F99-C0BF-4401-B497-BE0E202165C6Councillor Jack Rowland (right) and I have decided, separately, to resign from Seaton Town Council. Jack resigned yesterday to devote his attention to the Finance portfolio at East Devon, and resigned at this point to enable his vacancy to be filled at the same time as others which will be filled by the Town Council in August.

I had been considering resigning for some time because my work as County Councillor leaves me unable to play a full role in the Town Council. I have brought forward my resignation today in order that the vacancy may also be filled.

I will still attend Town Council meetings to report and answer questions on County matters.


2 thoughts on “Resignations from Seaton Town Council

    Carson, Chris said:
    July 23, 2020 at 1:21 pm

    Thanks Martin could you kindly email this to me with the photos? Best wishes Chris

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