For the changing picture at EDDC, follow East Devon Watch

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Seaton & Colyton Matters has not commented on the big changes taking place at EDDC, where the Tory-leaning administration of the ‘Independent

Group’, led by Ben Ingham – who has now joined the Conservatives – has been replaced by a new ruling coalition led by the Democratic Alliance (made up of the East Devon Alliance, Liberal Democrats and Greens) with the Progressive Independents. The new leader is of course Colyton’s very own Paul Arnott (right).

Following these changes, EDDC has withdrawn from the developer-friendly Greater Exeter Strategic Plan and Paul has spoken out against the Government’s sweeping new planning rules. The new administration is committed to making big changes in the way EDDC is run.

Seaton & Colyton Matters will not be following EDDC politics in detail but the best way to keep in touch is to sign up to email updates from East Devon Watch (you can also follow it on Facebook or Twitter).

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