Tories overlooked Axminster, targeted marginal seats for Government funding/ advertising just before election – formal complaint made

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Axminster high street Photo: Midweek Herald

Remember when the old EDDC administration proposed Axminster for funding from the Towns Fund (Seaton was not nominated), but the Government overlooked it? And then it turned out that they had concentrated on marginal seats of interest to the Conservatives in the 2019 election? And then, even worse, that local government secretary Robert Jenrick and his junior minister Jake Berry had nominated each other’s seats (both marginals) to benefit for the funding?

Well in a further twist, it appears that Government had paid for Facebook advertising about the funding, targeted at the marginal seats, just before the General Election. And now the Labour Party has asked the Electoral Commission to investigate the possible misuse of public funds in this campaign.

It’s difficult to believe how blatant this all is. And another reason not to support the Tories in Seaton or Axminster. This area isn’t marginal enough – voting Conservative is a vote to be ignored.

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