My campaign for a second term representing Seaton and Colyton on Devon County Council

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Four years ago you elected me to be the County Councillor for the Seaton and Colyton area. On May 6th, I’m asking you to support me for a second term. I’ve worked hard to improve things, supported many local causes and helped with people’s problems. I’ve helped push the County to complete the cycle route in the Wetlands, towards a policy of allowing 20 mph zones in town and village centres (if local people want them – councils are aiming for them in Seaton, Colyton, Colyford, Beer and Offwell), and to aim to become carbon-neutral by 2030.

I helped the Colyton community save its fire station, which means that our whole area has kept the two engines we need to keep safe. I’ve been working with the Wilmington and Offwell communities to tame speeding on the A35, and with Colyford people over the A3052. I’ve helped get some of the worst rural roads fixed, although underfunding and inefficiency mean that far too many problems remain.

Above all, however, you elected me to save Seaton Community Hospital. The cause is half won – we lost the beds, but our campaign stopped NHS managers from closing the hospital altogether. Now it’s got a new lease of life as a vaccination centre – but we need to get its long term future agreed.

Please vote for me on May 6th, so that I can finish the job.

Re-elect MARTIN SHAW, your INDEPENDENT East Devon Alliance County Councillor.

Outside Seaton Hospital, with my fellow East Devon Alliance INDEPENDENT councillors, Dan Ledger (left) and Jack Rowland

One thought on “My campaign for a second term representing Seaton and Colyton on Devon County Council

    memorytrigger said:
    March 26, 2021 at 6:14 pm

    Dear Martin

    I sincerely hope that you are re-elected and am doing my best to encourage residents to vote for you.

    When I was on Colyton Parish Council it was a pleasure to meet you and subsequently liaise closely on the parking issues at Colyton Primary. Your support in the early stages of development of Living Memories CIC was so important. With Colyton as our base we now have a team of 5 (volunteers and freelancers) developing Living Memories Online and ,post lockdown, our Tea and Memories reminiscence group social franchise around the UK.

    Our Living Memories Axe Valley Past and Present project will go live later in April. We are offering a year’s free subscriptions for 200 residents, care homes and schools and Zoom reminiscence/chat sessions to bring local Axe Valley residents together and hopefully learn more about local history, heritage, culture, crafts, nature, wildlife, activities, etc..

    Very best wishes Brian Norris

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