Polling ‘manic’ in Colyford, and steady in Seaton and across the district

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This morning I toured the polling stations, from Seaton to Beer, Branscombe, Southleigh, Northleigh, Offwell, Wilmington, Colyton and Colyford.

Polling was generally pretty steady, but brisk in Colyton and described as ‘manic’ by polling clerks in Colyford, where parish council elections added to the excitement of the county contest.

Spare a thought for polling clerks in Wilmington – where the hall was without electricity and the door wide open on a cold early May morning!

Back to the Methodist Church polling station in Scalwell Lane, Seaton, now.

You have until 10 to cast your vote – results will be known late afternoon tomorrow.

(photo, outside Colyton Town Hall)

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