A breath of fresh air – Richard Foord MP talks in Axminster

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Richard Foord in conversation with Paul Arnott this morning

More than 50 local residents and activists came to Axminster Guildhall this morning to hear Richard. The thing he’d learnt by getting close to Tory ministers, he said, was that ‘these people are amateurs’, and a ‘new bunch of amateurs’ seemed to turn up every few weeks as the Tories changed leader yet again. The real tragedy, he said, is for all of us as citizens. A lively Q & A covered a range of issues. For me, Richard is a breath of fresh air after the stale Tory representation this area has had for so long.

One thought on “A breath of fresh air – Richard Foord MP talks in Axminster

    Teresa Coombes said:
    October 22, 2022 at 4:38 pm

    They’re all the same, promises, then lies. Doesn’t matter who gets in, politics is full of liars and out for what they can get. If there was an answer to our Dilemmas things would have been sorted by now. No one knows what to do, just say it how it is, and find a positive solution by working together, not against each other.

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