Will Tory candidates condemn Photo ID policy which will see voters turned away from polling stations on May 4th?

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When campaigning for JOHN HEATH (Beer & Branscombe ward) in the local elections I handed a leaflet to a neighbour in his 90s who always votes, by post, without fail. I want to vote, he said, but I haven’t got any photo ID – I’ve handed back my passport and driving license. Fortunately, his daughter and I were able to point out that as a postal voter, he didn’t need ID. But if we hadn’t been at hand, this conscientious citizen might have lost his vote due to the confusion the new policy has caused.

On May 4th, this confusion is likely to actually cost a lot of people their votes. They’ll turn up at polling stations without knowing that you need ID and they’ll be turned away. Or they’ll bring their bus or rail pass – because they haven’t got a passport or driving licence – and they’ll still be turned away. Or, because they haven’t got round to getting new ID, they’ll just stay at home.

One honest Devon Tory, county council leader John Hart, has admitted the whole policy isn’t necessary. Will any of our local Conservative candidates – Marcus Hartnell, Del Haggerty or Helen Parr – join him in criticising this shameful anti-democratic move? If they remain silent, they’re effectively hoping to benefit from denying people their votes. Another very good reason for those who do manage to vote NOT to vote for them.

If you need the government’s new Voter Authority Certificate, today is the very last day to apply for it – link in previous post.

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