A final message from John Heath (Independent candidate for Beer/Branscombe/W Seaton)

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Hi Everyone,

I hope you’ve had a great bank holiday and are looking forward to yet another one just around the corner. Viv and I will be at the Coronation party in Beer next weekend.

It is time to have YOUR say on how our communities are run so I urge everyone who has a vote to use it on Thursday because we need EDDC council to change for the better and the wards in East Devon deserve councillors who care about their local communities and not be controlled by political parties with their specific manifestos curtailing what they can and cannot say.

It is my hope that the independents will have a major say in reshaping the district council. These local elections are just as important as national elections because having local councillors who are motivated and committed to their communities is essential to get things done.

If I am elected than I will continue to meet people individually and at community gatherings and ensure your voice is conveyed to EDDC and I will report through the social media outlets on what I have raised as agenda items and the responses from the council.

As a member of Beer Parish Council, I will be taking parishioners’ concerns to EDDC. If you elect me as your district councillor, I will also be attending Branscombe Parish Council and will offer to work with Seaton Town Council so that West Seaton has a voice.

Don’t forget voter identity is now required so make sure you take one of the following: passport, drivers license, older persons bus pass, disabled persons bus pass, blue badge, proof of age identity card, an EEA identity card or voter authority certificate. You can still use your out-of-date photo identity as long as it looks like you.

John Heath

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