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Seaton Beach Management Plan moving forward

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Press release by EDDC:

Now that the Seaton Beach Management Plan has been adopted by East Devon District Council (March 2018), Exeter based coastal engineers Royal HaskoningDHV have been appointed by East Devon to complete the outline business case for a coast protection scheme for the town. The outline business case is due to be completed this Autumn.

The scheme, which is a recommendation of the Seaton Beach Management Plan, aims to reduce the risk of erosion to properties and infrastructure to the West of the town between Seaton Hole and West Walk by improving the existing revetments, and constructing a new defence between the existing rock revetment and West Walk.

The outline business case will involve more detailed surveys, investigations and modelling of waves, which will enable the outline design to be completed, costed and summarised in a report for approval by the Environment Agency so that Government funding for the works can be accessed.

Detailed topographic surveys of the existing defences using conventional techniques, as well as a drone, will start shortly and over the coming months investigations into the beach that lies directly beneath where new defences will need to run will also be undertaken, so that there is a good understanding of the location and depth of rock on which any structures will need to sit.

Councillor Marcus Hartnell, Stakeholder Group Chairman and deputy portfolio holder for the Environment, said:

“It’s great to see East Devon taking on board the recommendations from the Beach Management Plan and committing the funding to move a coast protection scheme for Seaton forward so we can access government funding.”

Alex Lee, Technical Director for Royal HaskoningDHV, said:
“We’re pleased to be working on this project with East Devon, drawing on our experience at Seaton in the 1990s as well as our more recent work at Sidmouth and elsewhere around Devon and Cornwall.”

Seaton Beach Management Action Plan published – important proposals which need to be taken forward

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The consultants’ report to go to EDDC is now available here. It’s extremely long, informative and thorough, and my first reaction is that we need to press EDDC to adopt the recommendations and – where necessary – look hard for funding so that more of this agenda can be carried out, to top up the relatively modest statutory funding. There are some ‘wish list’ items which are not included – like the extension of the West Walk to Seaton Hole, which was costed at £4m – but all the items in the list below are things which really must be addressed.

Upgrade concrete encased revetment at Seaton Hole.

Maintain ‘old and new’ revetment at Seaton Hole / Old Beer Road

Extend ‘new’ revetment at ‘The Pillar’.

Upgrade Check House wall.

Maintain West Walk Promenade including concrete / stone blockwork.

Do Nothing: Seaton spit, and consult with SMP (Shoreline Management Plan) group to guide future management of the landward side of the spit 

New defences west bank Axe Estuary.

Consider whether to undertake beach recycling, guided by ongoing monitoring, consultation with SMP group and new study

Cliff drainage measures. EDDC to investigate suitable options for cliff‐top drainage (that are agreeable environmentally and affordable), and for EDDC to identify a funding stream for this erosion risk management activity. A study into surface water flows on the cliff‐top would also be required in support.

Works to address undermining of Seaton Hole outfall.

Assessment of pathway along concrete encased revetment at Seaton Hole.

Address issue of pollution of beach at Old Beer Road. To be informed by an investigation and if relevant, development of suitable options.

More monitoring, extended to Beer