Clapham Junction

Is this what they call a consultation? ‘Your feedback: Please provide more stops at Clapham Junction not less. South Western Railway response: we will continue with our original plans to reduce services in the peak and shoulder peak periods.’

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But they have made a small concession: ‘We are amending the plans to ensure both Clapham Junction and Woking calls are maintained in off-peak West of England services.’ West of England line.

Correction – Southwestern Railway is cutting ALL stops at Clapham Junction on trains from Exeter St David. Protest!

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I misread the proposed new timetables – the reality is they’re even worse than I thought. Although some trains to Salisbury and Yeovil will still stop at Clapham Junction, ALL trains between Waterloo and Exeter St David, in both directions, will lose their Clapham Junction stops.

Please protest about this loss of service, which will add roughly half an hour to any journey which requires changing at Clapham Junction. You can comment here until 22nd December. Thanks to Cllr Heather Sanham for putting me right at Seaton Town Council last night!