End single-use plastics, use refillable water bottles – ‘Refill’ campaign launched in Seaton

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RefillI spent this morning going round Seaton delivering ‘Refill Devon’ stickers like this, for shopkeepers and cafe owners to put in their windows if they are willing to let people refill their bottles – to reduce single-use plastic pollution. The response was encouraging but unfortunately Recycle Devon hadn’t sent me quite enough. If your business didn’t get one, but you’d like to join the scheme, email

Let’s make Seaton a ‘Refill town’! I shall be spreading the word to other places in the Seaton & Colyton division.

Seaton to aim for ‘refill town’, supporting campaign to cut plastic waste

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On Monday Seaton Town Council supported my proposal to promote the spread of free water refilling facilities throughout the town, to prevent the proliferation of plastic bottles and the pollution they cause. I gather Seaton Jurassic already offers this facility and I hope other places in the town – and throughout the area – will consider joining in. The idea is explained by Refill Devon.