Seaton Town Hall transfer – from the horse’s mouth

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After I was coopted on to the Town Council at the end of September, one of my first acts was to spend the morning of 16th October with Carol Manley and Elga Mackie of Seaton’s Voice, which runs The Gateway, discussing plans for the future of the Town Hall. This meeting confirmed my inclination to support Option 3 in the referendum on the Town Hall’s future, i.e. that the Town Council should take the asset transfer from EDDC, take out a loan, and refurbish the building. At that time, Seaton’s Voice supported the same option and I looked forward to working with them to encourage voters to agree.

Barely 10 days later, Seaton’s Voice had ‘withdrawn’ from the proposal. Two weeks after that, they attacked the Council in the press just as the referendum was about to be launched, and Carol and Elga urged supporters on Facebook to vote for option 1, to do nothing and wait for EDDC to give everyone notice, of which they said in October, ‘The result of this will potentially be EDDC sells the building on open market’. I have written a letter published in View From Seaton explaining why I find their new advice perverse, which I will post following this post.

Seaton’s Voice’s October leaflet is below – but please note that notes 2, 3 and 4 are inaccurate, as is the claim that with Option 2 ‘the building could fall into disrepair’.

Seaton's Voice leaflet Ocotber 2015

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