Squeezed @LEDleisure asks Seaton to pay towards part-time swimming facility while EDDC funds Sidmouth 5 x as much

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Seaton Town Council was asked last week to give financial support to the much-valued opening of Seaton Primary School’s pool to the public at weekends and in the summer. Outsourced charity LED (Leisure East Devon) operates the pool but it isn’t part of its £900,000 a year contract from EDDC. Because LED’s support from LED is at a flat rate, it is increasingly squeezed by rising wages, etc., and says it can’t continuing subsidising Seaton to the tune of around £10,000 a year and needs the Town Council to help.

Meanwhile Sidmouth, which has an all-year pool, is supported from EDDC’s £900k to the tune of £50k or so each year, without Town Council support. Something’s not right and it’s for EDDC to address, it seems. The funding request will come to next month’s Seaton Town Council.

Meanwhile, LED, EDDC and Colyton Grammar School are meeting shortly to discuss the dispute over LED continuing day time classes at Colyton Leisure Centre.

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