Seaton Environmental Action (SEA): two big events this week and a new website

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SEA LOGOTREE PLANTING, Thursday February 20th, 11-4, Tracey’s Field, off Homer Lane, Seaton.
MASS UNWRAP for plastic reduction
& SUNDAY 23rd
11.00 – 1pm.
3.30- 5.30pm
11.00 – 1pm.
All are encouraged to participate in this family fun event!  These events have been arranged with the cooperation of the stores. Please spread the word asking shoppers to bring their own bags and containers for transferring their own shopping into, once the outer plastic has been removed.
NEXT S.E.A. MEETING Tuesday 10th March, 7pm, Pebbles coffee shop, Seaton
FACEBOOK GROUP: SEA – Seaton Environmental Action group 


2 thoughts on “Seaton Environmental Action (SEA): two big events this week and a new website

    Caroline McRae said:
    July 18, 2020 at 9:13 am


    I would like to inform someone who is into the Seaton environment nature.
    I have noticed a little stream by me that has become very dry over the months ..
    Now I know it’s been dry weather but the little said stream normal has a trickle in the summer months..
    Anyway I have discovered that the property which has the stream running immediately behind their property is being diverted by a pump system into the persons garden for their own enjoyment of a pond!!
    This is not right as the stream outlet beyond this property is DRY and Iv noticed it DRY for months now and thought why?
    I investigated this morning and discovered the Selfish person/s have stopped the flow of the water …
    No frogs spawn this year .. all the insects and plants need this stream to flow on to the wetland !
    Please can you get back to me so we can take action to get the stream back to its natrual flow to wetland rather than a s felfish pleasure for a single property!


      Martin Shaw responded:
      July 18, 2020 at 9:56 am

      Hi Caroline, I’m not absolutely sure who can deal with this, but waterways are generally a problem for the Environment Agency and you could report to their hotline 0800 80 70 60. If they can’t deal with it, they should be able to tell you who will.


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