I’ve had further information about the changes to the governance of schools in Colyton, Seaton, Shute and Kilmington, and I’ve updated my original post.

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IMG_0387-1220x640After a phone call and correspondence with Babcocks, who work with DCC on schools, I’ve revised the information in my original post. I thought it better to reword that post, so that there is no misleading information in the public domain.

To summarise, I am partially reassured because Seaton, Shute and Kilmington will remain community maintained schools – only Colyton is proposed to transfer to a Multi-Academy Trust – and although the new federations with which all schools will be working are Church of England based, there does not appear to be a requirement that any of the schools (except Colyton?) adopt the religiously-based ethos of the federations.

However other concerns remain, and I still believe that wider discussion of these changes is needed.

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