COVID-19 helpline to support parish and town councils in your community response activities: 01392 248919 or email

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DCC logoA joint message from DALC, Devon Communities Together, Devon County Council and all of Devon’s district, city & borough councils

Devon’s town and parish councils are at the heart of our communities.

Now more than ever, your role is vital in helping people through this coronavirus pandemic.  We are committed to working together to give you the support you need to ensure that Devon’s communities get through this outbreak.

We have pledged to doing everything in our power to help you directly and to support our communities to find ways to respond quickly and positively for everyone’s benefit.

We know what makes Devon special – it’s the people, and many of them have already leapt into action to offer help and to look out for elderly and vulnerable neighbours and those who may be self-isolating.

Towns and parish councils are among those setting up volunteer schemes to ensure people receive essential support.   We want to work alongside you to build on this and support the community response that’s being established.

We are going to develop a picture of what’s going on across Devon in order to share good practice. If you are already doing something in your local area or are establishing a community response group, or if you know of local initiatives, then please let us know by filling out this form so that we know where help is being offered.

We have set up COVID-19 helpline, supported by Devon Communities Together to support parish and town council’s and the Devon Village Halls Networks in your local community response and resilience activities. The helpline will be open from 9am on Monday 23rd March and will be staffed 9am to 5pm on weekdays for the foreseeable future. Please telephone 01392 248919 or email

Please also visit Devon Communities Together’s community resilience web page

We are in this together, and by standing shoulder to shoulder, we will get through this together.


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