Now that the lockdown is in place, ‘one-size fits all’ isn’t right – could Devon still contain the epidemic through testing, and quarantining contacts of cases?

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Dr KK Cheng, the director of the University of Birmingham’s Institute of Applied Health Research, has commented that in many areas of the country the epidemic is well behind London, the Midlands and other leading areas. He suggested that local authorities with relatively few cases (which I believe Devon’s still is) might contain the local expansion of the pandemic. 
His suggestions were:
  1. Expand testing to identify cases, trace contacts and isolate;
  2. Even without testing, ensure the close contacts of those admitted are properly quarantined;
  3. Testing does not even require personal protective equipment, so could be done by retired GPs, junior medical and nursing students – someone has suggested that dentists are also an under-utilised resource?

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