The Government and the NHS are STILL not doing everything they can to protect care home residents

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EWryPrkXQAAcUEoIt has been revealed that the Government rejected a PHE proposal on 28 April to “use NHS facilities and other temporary accommodation to quarantine and isolate residents before returning to their care home”.

So PHE was advocating part of what I have been suggesting since mid-April. But PHE doesn’t appear to have realised that it isn’t just residents who are returned, but ANY patients, including Covid-positive patients, who have been in a potentially Covid-infected hospital environment, who need temporary care until they return to their own homes.

Anyone doubt that hospitals are major centres of infection – Weston has been closed because of an outbreak among staff. If hospitals find this difficult to prevent, why are we pushing the task onto care homes?

Ministers told councils to “ensure that there is sufficient alternative accommodation as required to quarantine and isolate residents” – why isn’t Devon NHS using part-empty community hospitals, including Seaton and Axminster, for this purpose?

I was promised a written explanation of Devon CCG’s policy 11 days ago, but am still waiting.

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