Ted Gosling to be one of first people to receive the Covid vaccine – in Seaton Hospital!

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91-year-old Ted Gosling, Curator of Seaton Museum and Freeman of Seaton, tells me that he will receive his first dose next Tuesday, 15th December. It’s excellent news that the Pfizer vaccine – developed in Germany by scientists who are Turkish immigrants and made in Belgium – is being rolled out to the over-80s in the Seaton area. This is the first step towards eliminating the virus – if you’re offered it, follow Ted’s example and take it up like a shot.

It’s equally good news that Seaton Hospital is being used for the vaccinations. This is a good demonstration of why we will need to keep ALL our community hospitals in the post-Covid world. We suggested earlier this year that Seaton Hospital could be used for step-down care from the acute hospital, at the time when the NHS were tragically following the Government recommendation to send patients into care homes. Now at last the NHS are putting our hospital to good use.

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