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Beer Men’s Shed crowdfunder passes £2000 mark: £500 more needed before EDDC will double their funding

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Beer Men's ShedThe project says: ‘Thanks to kind donations from individuals, from Beer Bag Project and from Devon County Council, and with the help of our local councillors Martin Shaw and Geoff Pook, we’ve now raised over £2,000 towards buying our first shed and the equipment and workbenches to go inside it.  Our next target is to get beyond the £2,500 mark, because when we achieve that we’re hoping that East Devon District Council will commit to providing us funding too by doubling our money.  We have just over 4 weeks to go to raise a total of £10,000 so that Beer Men’s Shed can have it’s new shed built and operational this summer.’ YOU CAN DONATE HERE.

Beer Men’s Shed launches its Crowdfunder – a really worthwhile project for male carers, please support

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Beer Men's Shed

Beer Men’s Shed says: In a rural area like East Devon, it’s easy as men get older for them to feel lonely, isolated, and excluded from life around them.  Some may live on their own, may have lost their lifelong partner, may live with a partner or family member who they have to care for.  Some may just have lost their sense of purpose in life after retiring from work. Having somewhere that they can go to regularly and where they can meet other men, have a friendly chat and a cuppa, make something useful or repair something that matters to someone, can make a great difference to a man’s life, to his mental health and also to his physical health.  We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the UK – Beer has even been voted English “village of the year” – but if you feel that you’re locked indoors, or that you’re duty-bound always to stay at home and look after your partner, you can only too easily find yourself in a downward spiral that you don’t feel that you can get out of – not on your own. …    READ ON AND DONATE HERE.