Stagecoach are consulting on bus routes in our area – an opportunity to improve links to RD&E as well as Beer-Exeter? Your opportunity to comment.

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Stagecoach are proposing to route the 9A via Beer – shouldn’t they also reroute it to stop at the RD&E?  Currently older and sick people using this route have to take a second bus to get to the hospital.

There are many buses going on its current route in Exeter via Heavitree so there would be no loss of service within the city.

Also a bus between 07.30 hrs and the next one at 10.00 hrs would be much appreciated for the same reason – getting to early appointments at RDE.

New signs in Beer, paid for from my Locality Budget, are now routing heavier traffic away from the centre of the village

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Finally … Beer has been waiting all year for new signs on The Causeway and Mare Lane, routing traffic away from Fore Street. We missed the summer, but the Parish Council and I have finally achieved this step forward towards rational traffic management, which should help spare the village and also the narrow cliff road at the top of Common Lane.

Beer signs.jpg